How to make a cross cut sled to cut medallions and parquets
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1.) Start with plain sawn board and trim width so it slides in groove

2.) Make sure it is straight and flat

3.) Cut relief area off

4.) Note depth of groove

5.) Raise and cut the piece such that it will not touch bottom

6.) Both wooden rails are cut

7.) Plastic is used to protect the saw from the epoxy

8.) Five minute epoxy on rails

9.) The bed of the cross sled is aligned with the saw or saw fence

10.) The back stiffener is attached

11.) The front fence is attached

12.) Plastic removed. Saw blade raised

13.) Fence aligned to blade

14.) Secondary fence aligned

15.) Combination square expoxied into groove cut in fence

16.) It secures the piece and provide a movable fence stop

17.) Other types of clamps are available

18.) The sleds can be made of anything

19.) Baltic Birch will make a quality jig that will last many years