Wood flooring problems

Abnormal gaps are gaps that do not go away. They are generally caused from the flooring being too wet when installed

Buckling is generally caused from excessive moisture. This floor was installed too dry. May have to replaced or repaired

Crowning is generally caused from sanding a floor that was still cupped. If the moisture content of the floor is ok, resanding and finish the floor

Cupping is generally caused from a difference in moisture content from the top to the bottom of the boards

Damaged subfloor from leaking door

Debrise contamination in finish.

Flooded Subfloor, poor building practice. Wood floor will cup, buckle or have gaps someday.

Fracture on the edge of a prefinished floor from nailing gun during installation

Fractured prefinished floor being installed too dry for the enviroment

Improper board spacing, should be at six inches

Improper sanding between coats of finish

Nail rust spot from water flood

Pet Stains

Soft wood dished out. Needs to sanded with a flat plate or Tri-planetary sander

Soft wood excessive wear

Stain from wet cloth hamper

Subfloor storage, poor building practice

The polyurethane is peeling from contamination (wax, grease, oil, etc.) or not abrading between coats of finish

Water and dirt stains