Making medallions

1.) Drawing

2.) Medallion pieces sitting in assembly jig. Time to make another.

3.) First stock is cut to width

4.) The tongue & groove are not used. Your wood scrap pile makes a nice medallion

5.) The first cut for the star pieces just cut of the end

6.) Both angles are the same, just keep it up to the stop

7.) Braz Cherry pieces of star cut the same as oak star pieces

8.) Oak pieces of the star, 45 degree cut pushed against stop

9.) Oak & Braz Cherry star pieces

10.) Cutting oak triangles for star

11.) Baz Cherry triangles finish the star

12.) American cherry border first cut on right side on fence

13.) Second cut on left side and pushed to stop

14.) First cut for american cherry center

15.) Second cut

16.) Make sure the two small sides are 1.875 inch long and the others 4.5 inches

17.)The only thing left to do is hold it together with clear packing tape

18.) An earlier one that I put in a 70 year old floor