Installing a medallion in a hundred year old floor

1.) Area for medallion centered

2.) Area shifted slightly to help avoid nails

3.) Shallow cuts are taken

4.) The bit is started in a hole away from area

5. Router angled slowly down

6.) Cutting groove and going slow not to hit a nails

7.) Found cut nail

8.) Nail did not want to drive down

9.) Locking pliers to pull it out

10.) One of seven nails in the way

11.) Pulling out old boards

12.) Pull out boards

13.) And boards

14.) Sanding old subfloor flat

15.) Now to get the point

16.) Template used to help cut

17.) Fien to the rescue

18.) Test fit with tape handles

19.) Medallion glued in

20.) Now that plug in the floor looks bad

21.) Board with plug removed

22.) One of the old removed boards used for the repair

23.) Owner had floors sanded two years before prior

24.) Area being blended in

25.) Entire floor coated

26.) Finished