Removing carpet

1.) A little cat hair and dirt on the carpet. Use a respirator while removing carpet

2.) Vacuum carpet before removal

3.) Years of debris on heating

4.) Vacuum heating elements

5.) Score paint joint between trim and wall

6.) Paint will tear off wall if not scored with knife

7.) Use sheetrock knife to gentle pull back trim

8.) Insert pry bar to remove trim

9.) Pull nail out from back side to avoid damage

10.) No damage to front side of trim

11.) Mark the location of the trim

12.) Use pliers to pull carpet Work all away around the room

13.) Check to see if wood floors are already installed

14.) Cut carpet into manageable strips

15.) Roll carpet

16.) Hold with tape

17.) Remove padding

18.) Pull staples used in padding installation

19.) Use sheetrock knife under pry bar (and gloves!)

20.) Pull tack strip nail from floor